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BA 321.02: Financial Management (Baim): Mutual Fund Returns & S&P 500 total returns

these will help you find resources for you assignment


Example: I need information on mutual fund returns.

  • Go to Morningstar's web site
  • You will have to register for a free account to obtain statistical data
  • Either type in the name of a fund in the search box at the top or click the link for Research at the top of the screen and select Mutual Funds
  • Scroll down tand select Basic Fund Screener
  • After retrieving a list, click one of the funds. Be Sure to select an Equity fund.
  • On the page for the fund, click the link for Performance
  • The Performance section will provide the total returns on an annual basis

Example: I need total returns on the S&P 500 Index.

  • Type S&P 500 tr into the search box at the top (TR stands for Total Return which means that the returns are based on both changes in price and dividends
  • Select S&P 500 TR (1989)
  • The total return % for the past few years will appear both on the Quote tab and the Performance tab