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HIST 204: History of the American Peoples: Scholarly Articles

these will help you find resources for your assignment

Scholarly Articles EBSCO databases

The search example below is for the America: History and Life database. All of the EBSCO databases have the same search interface. Depending on your topic, other EBSCO database might be more appropriate. For example, the SPORTDIscus database is a good choice if your topic relates to sports.

Example: I'm searching for scholarly articles on the Great Depression and farmers.

  • Type great depression into the first box
  • Type farmers or agricultur* into the second box (the asterisk gives variations of root word like agriculture, agricultural, etc)
  • Click Search
  • On the left-hand side, click the box for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed Journals)



JSTOR provides scholarly articles and many of the articles were written a long time ago and could be primary sources if they were written when an event took place.

Example: I want articles on the women's suffrage movement that were written between 1900 and 1921

  • Click Advanced Search
  • Type women into the first box
  • Type suffrage or voting in the second box
  • Click the box for articles (to eliminate book reviews)
  • Scroll down to Date and type 1900 as the starting date and 1921 as the end date
  • Click Search