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RefWorks: Creating a Bibliography

Creating a Bibliography: From a Folder


To create a bibliography from a specific folder or the entire database:
  1. Click the Bibliography menu
  2. Under Output Style, select the appropriate style.
    ->Note: RefWorks has created a 'favorites list'  of output styles for you. You can alter this list by selecting Access Sytle
        Output Manager
    in the Output Style drop-down menu
  3. Click Format a Bibliography from a List of References
  4. Under File Type, select the file format you wish to create (Text, HTML, RTF (Rich Text), Word for Windows (2000 or later, or Word for Mac (98 or later) or OpenOffice (.odt).
  5. Under Include, select All References, My List or References from
  6. Click Create Bibliography.
    ->Note: When generating a Reference List from the Bibliography area, the final output is sorted based on the output
       style you have chosen. If the output style is based on the order cited in a document, since there is no document, it
       defaults to alphabetical by first author.
  7. Follow your browser's instructions for viewing the file and be sure to save the document to your hard disk before closing.

Creating a Bibliography: From Search Results

To create a reference list from search results or from a View:

  1. Locate your references to print (by Searching within RefWorks or selecting View, All References or View, Folder and a specific folder).
  2. Determine the sort order for your list from the Sort By dropdown menu.

  3. Select the specific reference(s) by clicking on the check box to the left of the Ref ID. You can also select Page or All in List.
    ->Note: Selected references must all be on the same page before printing. Determine your sort order first.
        RefWorks displays 25 records per page, so if you need more than 25 references, we suggest using All in List
        and manually removing the records you do not need.
  4. Click on the Print button located at either the top or bottom of the screen.
  5. Select the appropriate Output Style and click Print. References will print in the sort order determined in your view and will override the output style sort order.
  6. Follow your browser's instructions for viewing the file and be sure to save the document to your hard disk before closing.
  7. You can preview your list of references or copy and paste them into a document.

Creating a Bibliography: Using Print

Creating a Reference List Using the Print Feature

The Print button, located within each folder, allows you to create a reference list without having to have your references in the same folder.