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Latin American Studies: Other Resources

At Seaver College the "Latin American Studies Specialization" is one of the seven specializations within the international studies major.

Country Profiles

Regional: Countries: Costa Rica
Sites accessing information about Costa Rica.

Regional: Countries: Guatemala
Sites accessing information about Guatemala.

Regional: Countries: Honduras
Sites accessing information about Honduras.

Regional: Countries: Panama
Sites accessing information about Panama.

Regions: Latin America and Accesses Meso American sites
Provides access to sites about Latin America.

Regional: Countries: El Salvador
Sites accessing information about El Salvador.

Costa Rica
Links to resources about Costa Rica.

El Salvador
Links to resources about El Salvador.

Links to resources about Guatemala.

Links to resources about Honduras.

Links to resources about Nicaragua.

Official Home Page of the Republic of Panama.

Academic Resources on Latin American Countries

Humanities: History: U.S. History:19th Century:Mexican War 1846-1848
Access to sites about the Mexican War.

Institute of Latin American Studies - University of Texas at Austin: (ILAS).
The Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) is a multidisciplinary organization that integrates over 30 academic departments at the University of Texas at Austin. The Institute was founded in 1941 and currently is a language and national resource center under Title VI of the High Education Act of the Department of Education. Our mission statement goes into greater depth about the purposes of ILAS. A history of Latin American Studies at UT-Austin explains more about the development of the Institute.

Political Database of the Americas
Site provides documentary and statistical political information on Latin America, including constitutions, electoral laws, legislative and executive branch information and election data.

Chicano/Latin American Cultures
Sources of the role of Hispanics and Hispanic Americans in the history of the United States.

University of Florida Center for Latin American Studie
University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies WWW home page. This page provides information about programs, people, resources and activities at the Center as well as electronic links to other internet sources of information on Latin America, Latin American and Latino or Chicano studies.

University of Kentucky - Latin America and Spain
Links to Spanish and Latin/Latino American resources.

University of Southern California - Boeckmann Center for Iberian & Latin American Studies
Links to resources concerning both the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.

University of Texas Institute of Latin American Studies - LATIN AMERICA NETWORK INFORMATION CENTER
Links to countries and subjects related to Latin America.


Reference Books

Map of Latin America