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PSYC 315: Psychological Testing and Assessment

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APA Resources

Databases with Information about Instruments

PsycTESTS Classification System

Every record in PsycTESTS receives a PsycTESTS Classification, which is used to identify the general area of psychology that the measure is designed to assess. This field was added to PsycTESTS as a part of our November 2014 update. All records in the database at that time were updated with a PsycTESTS Classification.

NOTE: The PsycTESTS Classification System is not the same as the PsycINFO® Classification System, but was created using the same principles.

APA also has a printer-friendly version of this chart in PDF format (32KB), which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


5000 Addiction, Gambling, and Substance Abuse/Use
5100 Anxiety and Depression
5200 Aptitude and Achievement
5300 Attitudes, Interests, Values, and Expectancies
5400 Cognitive Processes, Memory, and Decision Making
5500 Communication, Language, and Verbal Processing
5600 Consumer Behavior, Marketing, and Advertising
5700 Culture, Racial, and Ethnic Identity
5800 Development and Aging
5900 Education, Teaching, and Student Characteristics

6000 Emotional States, Emotional Responses, and Motivation
6100 Family Relationships and Parenting
6200 Functional Status and Adaptive Behavior
6300 Human Factors and Environmental Engineering
6400 Human-Computer Interaction
6500 Intelligence
6600 Legal and Forensic Evaluation
6700 Mental Health/Illness Related Assessment
6800 Military Personnel, Adjustment, and Training
6900 Neuropsychological Assessment

7000 Organizational, Occupational, and Career Development
7100 Perceptual, Motor, and Sensory Processing
7200 Personality
7300 Physical Health/Illness Related Assessment
7400 Religious and Political Beliefs
7500 Sex, Gender Roles, and Sexual Behavior
7600 Social, Group, and Interpersonal Relationships
7700 Sports, Recreation, and Leisure
7800 Trauma, Stress, and Coping
7900 Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Therapeutic Processes

8000 General Assessment Tools

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