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INTS 445.01 Contemporary African Politics (Taden)

A study of the contemporary political, social, economic, and cultural life of Africa with emphasis on three central themes of governance, development, security.

Finding Dissertations

Finding E-Books in the Library Catalog

Pepperdine Libraries provide access to thousands of electronic books (e-books), spanning all subject areas. This guide covers Pepperdine's major e-book providers and you can search for ebooks using the Library Catalog or on the providers' own websites. For in-depth instructions on using ProQuest ebooks, JSTOR ebooks, or EBSCO ebooks, please click the desired tab at the top of this page.

Follow these steps to search for ebooks:

  1. Begin by building an advanced search in the Libraries catalog.
  2. Use the "Search Tools" area within the Advanced Searchto limit your search terms to books held by Pepperdine University Libraries that are in the eBook format, as shown below:



3. When you have found a relevant ebook, click the ebook's title within the search results. You can either access the ebook by clicking "View eBook", or by clicking a link under the "Check Availability" heading on the ebook's catalog record:





4. Once you have arrived at the ebook's website, you can read the book online or download the title. This process varies a bit from vendor to vendor.

ACLS Humanities Example: 

ProQuest Ebook Central example: