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CHEM 120 General Chemistry I

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ACS Citations

How to Cite

Journal article citation elements for ACS Style:

Author one surname, first and middle initials; author 2 name, initials. Standard Abbreviation for Journal Title in ItalicsYear in boldVolume number in italics, first page-last page.

  • List all authors using last names and initials.

For example:

1) online journal article (the S after the page numbers is because this specific article was in a supplement to the main journal)

Pegorier, J.; Le May, C.; Girard, J. J. Nutr. [online] 2004134, 2444S-2449S.

2) print journal article

Boehme, C.; Marx, D. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2003125, 13362-13363.

When a quotation or idea needs to be cited within the text of the paper, an italicized number corresponding to the appropriate source in the enumerated list is included within the sentence, in parentheses and italicized, immediately following the phrase that requires credit, like so: "...quotation from article" (2).


Book citation elements for ACS Style:

Author (or editor), book title, date of publication, publisher, and place of publication. 


1) Book with two authors

Beall, H.; Trimbur, J. A Short Guide to Writing about Chemistry, 2nd ed.; Longman: New York, 2001. 

2) Chapter in an edited book (italicize the title of the edited volume, not the chapter title, and include page numbers for the chapter being cited)

McBrien, M. Selecting the Correct pH Value for HPLC. In HPLC Made to Measure: A Practical Handbook for Optimization; Kromidas, S., Ed.; Wiley-VCH: Weinheim, Germany, 2006; pp 89-103.


Website citation elements for ACS Style:

Author (if known), title of the website, URL, date of access. 


1) Website with no listed author:

Penn State Department of Chemistry. (accessed June 7, 2010).

2) Website with author:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (accessed Nov 15, 2004). 


Source: "Chemistry: Citing Sources in Chemistry", Dickinson College,

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