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ENG 370 The Curious Case of South Africa (World Literature)

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Course Description

In the 1980s, American singer/songwriter Paul Simon drew the ire of the international community by going to South Africa to write an album that would eventually become the multi-platinum and award-winning Graceland in spite of the controversy it stirred up. What was so controversial about going to South Africa? The simple answer is apartheid, the total, legal separation of races which had been codified in 1948 and remained in place until the early 1990s. But, of course, there was nothing simple about apartheid, and nothing about the reconstruction of South Africa since its repeal has been simple either. In this course, we'll examine literary and other art forms to learn about South Africa and explore the role of art in times of conflict. dive into South African culture and history. As we do, we will learn about African history, imperialism, global racism, and we'll discover what SA has to teach us about ourselves.