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Scholarly Metrics Resources for Pepperdine Authors

This guide shares Journal Selection strategies and metric tools the Pepperdine community has access to in order to measure impact. We also explain how to interpret and utilize the aforementioned metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our investigation into scholarly metrics began after identifying frequently asked questions. We creating a guide to help answer those questions which evolved into updated guides, scholarly articles, conference panels, and book on the topic of scholarly metrics. 

How many times has my work been cited?

To answer this question, you can search for traditional citation metrics or alternative metrics.  See scholarly impact.

What is this journal's Journals Impact Factor? 

Journal Impact Factor is a brand and the products like kleenex tissues; When people ask when Journal Impact Factor (JIF) they are what to know the journal's ranking (just like when people ask for a kleenex they want a face tissue). Pepperdine doesn't subscript to JIF (aka kleenex) but there are other resource (aka face tissues)  you can access that provide information  you can use to evaluate a journal's standing or rank compared to other journals in that subject area .  See Journal Level Metrics 
Is this journal credible?   See Journal Selection/Credibility


I need help finding a journal that will publish my article?  See Journal Selection/Credibility - Consultation