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InfoGuides | Pepperdine Libraries

BA 355: Principles of Marketing (Labban): Marketing Databases

Corporate Structure of Companies

Starbucks (public company): a low/no sugar product line

Wrigley's (owned by Mars, Inc. a private company): caffeine sugar-free gum

Tesla (public company): Formula E industry

Company Financial Data

Example: I need financial data on Tesla.

  • Type tesla into the search box and select Tesla, Inc. (NasdaqGS:TSLA)
  • On the left-hand side, click the links for the income statement and ratios

These companies are publicly-traded and have financial data in S&P Net Advantage.

  • Starbucks

It might be worthwhile for the Tesla group to consult Ferrari's 20-F filing (the equivalent of the 10-k report filed by foreign firms on U.S. stock exchanges) to obtain information on how Formula 1 participation benefits the Ferrari brand.

Example: I need sales data for Mars Inc (owner of Wrigley's).

  • Register an account with your Pepperdine email address
  • Search for your company
  • Click the tab for Financials

Company Profiles, Articles & SWOT Analyses

Example: I want a swot analysis for Nike

  • Type Nike into the first box
  • Type swot into the second box
  • Click search
  • Go to Publication date on the left-hand side to limit the date from 2020-2021

A swot analysis is also available for Boeing, Ulta Beauty and Hershey

If a swot analysis isn't available for your company, you can search for a similar business (e.g. McDonald's for the Chick-fil-A group).

Example: I need an industry report on mobile payments.

  • Type mobile payments into the first box
  • Type marketline into the second box and click search
  • Select the report titled, "MarketLine Industry Profile: Mobile Payments in Global"

Additional reports include:

  • MarketLine Industry Profile: Mobile Apps in United States
  • MarketLine Industry Profile: Hybrid & Electric Cars in United States.

Example: I need a SWOT Analysis for Telsa.

  • Click the link for "A Publication"
  • Type delta swot analysis into the "Search for Something Specific Box"
  • Type globaldata into the FInf Publication box and select GlobalData Company Profiles

Example: You are looking for articles that discuss the financial/marketing benefits of automobile manufacturers sponsoring a race team.

  • Click the box for Select / deselect all
  • Click Continue to search all of the databases simultaneously.
  • Type automobile racing or stock car racing or formula one or nascar or grand prix into the first box (the word "OR" is a search command) into the first box
  • Type sales or profit or revenue or stock prices or branding or marketing or purchas* into the second box
  • Type automobile industry into the third box
  • Click Search
  • Set the publication date from 2000-2022 on the left-hand side

Investment Reports

Types of information available from Refinitiv:

  • In-depth research reports from companies like Morningstar, UBS, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Trefis, RBC, Barclay's, etc. Avoid the reports from BuySellsSignal Research and Minkabu.
  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG) indicators
  • SWOT Analyses
  • Supply Chain (referred to as a "Value Chain"
  • Peer Analysis (available for diversity & inclusion, profitability, fundamental ratios, peer comparison (data like P/E ratios, beta)

Demographic Information

MIntel will assist you with the following aspects of your Marketing Plan:

  • Consumer Segmentation & Targeting
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Distribution
  • Pricing
  • *Mintel is a great resource for Psychographics*

Example: I need a report relevant to gum

  • Type gum into the search box and access the report "Gum, Mints and Breath Fresheners - US - March 2019"

Other reports that can be relevant:

  • Coffee and RTD Coffee - US - 2021 OR Foodservice Coffee and Tea - US - 2021
  • Marketing to Affluent and HNW Consumers - US - March 2021 (relevant to Tesla's customers)

Select Catalyst at the top of the screen and select Brand Catalyst

Some of the following demographic categories are available:

  • I prefer driving a luxury vehicle agree a lot
  • I am worried about pollution and congestion caused by cars agree a lot
  • Starbucks
  • gum Wrigley's

Industry Information

IBIS World will assist you with the following aspects of your Marketing Plan:

  • Situation/Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Distribution
  • Financial Evaluation

IBISWorld is a great resource for industry reports on specific industries such as convenience stores, daycare, or custom screen printing.

Example: I am looking for industry reports for hybrid & electric manufacturing.

  • Type electric vehicles
  • Select the report titled, "Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Manufacturing"

Additional reports:

  • Candy Production in the US (includes chewing gum)
  • Coffee & Snack Shops in the US OR Coffee Production in the US OR The Retail Market for Coffee

You can search for specific companies and brands in Statista for data on your brand or company. For example, searching for milk makeup will retrieve surveys discussing perceptions of the brand

Example: I want information on electric cars.

  • type electric vehicles into the search box
  • Click the link on the left for Dossiers

Example: I need reports on the gum market

  • Type gum
  • Click the link on the left for Dossiers
  • reports like "Chewing gum market in the U.S."
  • Also, try searching gum combined with caffeine 

Example: I need reports on the coffee market.

  • Type coffee and click search
  • Click the link on the left for Dossiers
  • Filter results on the left-hand side to the United States and refresh the search
  • Reports like "Coffee shop and cafe industry in the U.S".or "Coffee market in the U.S." will be relevant. 

Passport will assist you with the following aspects of your Marketing Plan:

  • Situation/Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis (detailed market share)
  • Foreign Entry Potential
  • Distribution

Example: I am looking for information on the market for gum in the US with a list of competitors

  • Type gum us and select the report "Gum in the US"
  • Click "Download" to obtain a PDF copy of the report.
  • Also, energy drinks and coffee could be external competitors to a caffeine product

Additional Reports:

  • Premium and Luxury Cars in the US
  • Coffee in the U.S. OR Cafés/Bars in the US

Example: I want information about electronic payments

  • Type mobile payments into the box and click search
  • On the left-hand side, click the link for Content types and click the box for Reports
  • Select reports like "US Mobile Payments Forecast 2021" or "The Payments Ecosystem"

Example: I want information on cryptocurrencies.

  • Type cryptocurrencies and click search