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THEA 320 Acting II: Home



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Jaimie Beth Colvin
Payson Library Rm. 231 (Next to the circulation desk).

note: Women Studies Minors - I provide support to you for all courses counting towards your minor.
Ext. 7432

Evaluating Resources


Finding Scholarly Articles

The above online collection of  Encyclopedias will provide short authoritative summaries on various subjects. I recommend starting your search in GVRL to bit size information from medical, social, and historic perspectives on your topic.


Historic Newspaper Articles

You can use newspapers to find Primary and Secondary sources 

  • Primary = will be an article or review written during the time the time of the play's release or period when the events of play take place (it depends on what you're researching.)
    • For example: Ragtime musical debuted in 1996 but the play takes place during the turn of the century in the early 1900s. So when you research the time period for the characters it will be America at the turn of the century (1900s) and the Jazz Age. When you research the time period of the play it will be the 1990s.  
  • Secondary= Anniversary articles written years after the play's release or articles anylisysin the events that took place during the time of the play.  

if you have questions about the difference between primary and secondary sources I am happy to answer them.