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BIOL 107: Plants and the Environment (Lausanne, Switzerland): Requesting Materials

Interlibrary Loan

During your time here at Pepperdine, you will most likely have to request materials from other libraries. This is true now more than ever, with the COVID-19 regulations in place and Payson library being closed to the public. When you run across books and articles that Pepperdine does not have electronic or print access to, you will need to request the article through TIPASA InterLibrary Loan. 

  • it does not cost you anything to do an Interlibrary Loan
  • it is usually quite quick (2-5 days)
  • the article is scanned and made available to you electronically

 Your InterLibrary Loan account uses your Wavenet username and password.  You will need to create an account the first time you use Interlibrary Loan. The process to create an account is just a one-page form. While filling out, be sure to indicate in the correct box that you want your materials to be "Held for Pickup", and also that you want your materials to be sent to Payson Library.

SPECIAL COVID-19 NOTICE: While Payson library is closed, only students living on campus may request and pick up print books. All students living off campus need to contact Erin McAllister and schedule a research consultation in order to request that print books are mailed to them. Please email Erin at for more details. 

Finding Articles using Google Scholar

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Finding Articles using the e-Journals Search

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If you want to find a book instead of an article, search using the main search box in the center of the screen. 

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