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BA 497: Business Policy, Strategy, and Ethics (James): Kenya tour operator resources

This guide will help you with your research

Industry Reports and economic data

Example: I need background information on the tourism, travel and overall business environment.

  • Access the reports Tourism flows in Kenya, Travel in Kenya, Online Travel and Intermediaries in Kenya, Sustainability: Kenya, Lodging in Kenya or Business Dynamics: Kenya.
  • Type in the name of the report and then select the reports under the heading or "Analysis"

Example: I want GDP data for Kenya.

  • Type Kenya GDP into the box and click search
  • Select "GDP in Kenya" under the heading ECONOMIES AND CONSUMERS ANNUAL DATA
  • Go to Convert Data and change the currency to USD (y-o-y ex rates)
  • You can change the date range to get forecasted data (click Apply after selecting the years)
  • You can search for other economic indicators like inflation or disposable income. You can also you the "Convert Data" feature to access the economic indicators on a per capita basis.

Example: I need industry reports relevant to tourism.

  • The report Global Tourism can be helpful
  • Tour Operators in the U.S. can be helpful for an example of how to analyze a tour operator
  • Focus on sections like the basis of competition, barriers to entry, supply chain, etc

Example: I need a report that is relevant to tourism in Kenya that contains a Porter's Five Forces Analysis.

  • The report MarketLine Industry Profile: Global Travel & Tourism is much broader than tour operators in Kenya but it contains Porter's Five Forces analysis. There isn't a report on travel in Kenya, but there is a report titled "MarketLine Industry Profile: Travel & Tourism in South Africa"
  • Another possible report is MarketLine Industry Profile: Travel Intermediaries in Global.

Example: I need a report relevant to American tourists who might be interested in tours in Kenya.

  • Access the report titled, "Outdoor Vacation Activities - US - February 2021."
  • This report will provide consumer attitudes about outdoor vacations. Please note that only U.S. consumers are surveyed. The Passport report "Tourism Flows to Kenya" revealed that many of the tourist in Kenya are from the United States.

Example: I want a report on banking in Kenya.

  • Click the link for Publication
  • Type Kenya into the box
  • Type BMI Banking into the Find Publication box and select BMI Banking & Financial Services Report
  • Click Search
  • Select the report titled, "Kenya Banking & Financial Services Report"

Articles on tourism in Africa

You can search for articles on Kenya (as well as nearby countries like Tanzania and South Africa.

After logging into Business Source Premier, click Choose databases and click the box for Academic Search Complete so both databases can be searched simultaneously. Here are examples of articles on this topic that might be helpful:

Example: I want news articles on Kenyan safaris and tour operators.

  • Click the link for News
  • Set the data range you by using the pull-down menu and choosing "Select Date Range"
  • Try keywords like Kenya tour guides or Kenya tourists safaris

Business plans

Example: I need a sample business plan for a tourism company

  • Type tour into the "Search within Series" box
  • All of the tourist plans with be for U.S. companies The purpose of these reports is to have samples for tourism companies. I'm not aware of a resource that provides business plans for tourism companies in Kenya

Company information

Example: I need a list of tour operators in Kenya.

  • Click the link for Business
  • Click "Create a Company List"
  • Type 4725 into the SIC box (code for tour operators). You can use different codes for other industries like 7011 (Hotels and motels) or 5812 (eating places)
  • Select Kenya for the country
  • Click Create
  • Click Customize and then click Update to get the entire list (see screenshot)
  • Please note: these are largely smaller privately held companies and there will be very little (if any) financial data available


You can create competitive maps of companies by searching for a *public* company and then selecting Relative Valuation (RV). Please note that you will *not* be able to obtain data on private companies.

Also, Bloomberg doesn't have industry level reports on the tour operator industry.