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AMST 620: Directed Readings (Dr. Lisa Smith)

Library resources for your research, with specific help in locating book and movie reviews

EBSCO databases and book reviews

Example: I want book reviews of Richard Slotkin's Regeneration Through Violence: The Mythology of the American Frontier, 1600-1860 (1973)

  • Click the box for Select / deselect all
  • Continue
  • Type slotkin into the first box
  • Type regeneration through violence mythology of the American frontier
  • Click search
  • Go to Publication Date on the left-hand side and select 1973 to 1975
  • Click the link for "Find Full-text" to see if another database has the full-text
  • If the full-text. isn't available in any of. the Pepperdine databases, click the link for "Request through Tipasa ILL." You will receive a PDF of the article in 1-2 business days.

Example: In need scholarly criticism of Mary Rowlandson, The Sovereignty and Goodness of God 1682. In many cases, you won't be able to locate book reviews for works this old.

  • Click the box for Select / deselect all
  • Continue
  • Type rowlandson into the first search box
  • Type sovereignty and goodness of God into the second box
  • Click Search
  • On the left-hand side, click the box for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed)


Example: I want a review of Martin Luther King's Why we can't wait (1964).

  • Click Advanced Search
  • Type why we can't wait into the first search box
  • Type Martin Luther King into the second box
  • Scroll down to Item type and click the box for Reviews
  • Scroll down to Publication Date and select 1964-1967

American Periodicals Series

Example: I want reviews on Solomon Northup's Twelve Years a Slave (1853).

  • Type Solomon Northup into the first box
  • Type twelve years a slave into the second box
  • Set the date range from 1853 to 1856