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Citation Management Software

RefWorks is going away but there are other options and we will help you transition from RefWorks to the best Citation Management System for you.


Mendeley is a citation manager that specializes in science-related citations. It is an Elsevier database, which means that it connects well with Science Direct.

This page contains information on how to set up an account, how to export citations from Science Direct to Mendeley, and how to import citations from other managers (such as RefWorks). 

Importing Citations to Mendeley

Note: These instructions are for the import process using the Mendeley desktop application.

1. Open the desktop Mendeley Reference Manager application

2. Select '+ Add new'


3. Choose 'Import library >' and select .bib or .ris, depending on the file type exported from RefWorks (steps detailed here)

4. Select the file you exported from RefWorks to add its contents to your Mendeley library and click 'Open'.

5. You can select ‘Recently Added’ to view the newly added citations


For additional assistance, visit Mendeley's guide on adding references.


Setting Up an Account

1. Open the Mendeley Database

2. Click on the red box that says: "Create a free account". Using your WaveNet with not automatically sign your in, you need to create an account and record the password. 



3. Enter your Pepperdine email address. 


4. Enter either a password that you will remember, or record the password in your notes where it won't get lost. 


5. From this page, you can search for articles, much like you would search ScienceDirect. Click on "Library" to access your saved citations.