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EMBA-Professor Dave McMahon.: Saving Articles in EBSCO Databases

Saving Articles

In order to save articles in any of the EBSCO databases, you are going to need to create an account with EBSCO that is tied to your Pepperdine email address.

This is a separate step from logging into the EBSCO database from our A-Z database list when you enter your WaveNet credentials.

Essentially there is a two-step sign-in process in order to save your articles to a permanent EBSCO folder. Below are the steps needed as well as a JPEG image of where to click.

  1. From the Database A-Z list you need to click on one of the EBSCO databases for example click on Business Source Premier whose parent company is EBSCO.
  2. When prompted enter your WaveNet credentials to gain access to the database.
  3. Once your credentials are approved the URL at the top of the screen should have AND you should see the Pepperdine Libraries logo at the top right of the database. This is how you know your WaveNet credentials were accepted.
  4. NEXT, you need to click sign-in at the top of the database and create an account that is tied to your Pepperdine email address. This is separate from your WaveNet credentials. Once you create an account and sign in you will know you are in your account because the sign-in icon will turn into a sign-out icon.
  5. Now you can click on the folder icon next to an article to get it to save to your permanent folder location which is located at the top of the database in the form of a folder icon.