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Watts Writers Workshop Book Collection

Watts Writers Workshop Rare Books

Watts Writers Workshop (The Antioch Review, Fall 1967, Vol. 27, No.2)

  • A collection of writings by the Watts Writers Workshop with an introduction by Budd Schulberg.

From the Ashes: Voices of Watts by Budd Schulberg

  • Selected writings, including autobiographical essays, poems and stories, by eighteen contributors to the Watts Writers Workshop.

A War of Eyes and Other Stories by Wanda Coleman

  • In this extraordinary collection of short stories, Wanda Coleman, a poet who grew up in the Watts area of Los Angeles, turns a baleful eye on lives that "mainstream" America wishes would somehow go away, the poor Black urban dwellers.

The Mind is a Circular Blade by Raspoet Ojenke

  • "This volume of selected poems written from 1967-1985 has been long awaited by many. Ojenke, unsung innovator, pioneer word musician, is a legend whose courage is in his challenge to be raw in the midst of so called refinement." - Kamau Daa'ood

Soft Song by Saundra Pearl Sharp

  • Sharp’s third collection of poetry marries word and image. This book features art by eight artists. 

Raising Fences: A Black Man's Love Story by Michael Datcher

  • Raising Fences is the memoir of an African American man who spent his youth committing thefts, experimenting with sex, and developing a mortal fear of the police. The protagonist hopes to live a different life from the one he grew up in.

Embryo by Quincy Troupe

  • This is the first collection of poems by Troupe who has been published in over 50 journals and anthologies. His poems are vivid, ironic, lyrical, and intense.

Corner Boy: A Novel by Herbert Simmons

  • Corner Boy is a powerful work of social realism that won the prestigious Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship in 1957. The book follows teenager Jake Adams whose violent rise and fall offers an unforgettable portrait of life in an urban jungle.

Abracadabra by Eric Priestley

  • A collection of Priestley's poetry that spans 30 years. "Even back then, in the late 1960s Eric's writing was always sharp, foreceful, very imaginative, language driven and politically committed: it remains so today." - Quincy Troupe

Flame and Smoke by Eric Priestley

  • "This book is one man's vision of reality, but through it one can glimpse the essence of a people forces against overwhelming forces of oppression to survive: may all be granted the gift of truth." 

Flame and Smoke by Eric Priestley (1974)

A War of Eyes and Other Stories by Wanda Coleman (1988)

The Mind is a Circular Blade by Ojenke (1985)