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ENG 380 Antebellum American Literature (Mullins)

Resources for your study of antebellum American literature


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Databases for your Periodical Paper

These databases cover more than the antebellum period; be certain to check the dates of the issue(s) you select.

Databases for Literary Research

Course Description

Antebellum American Literature examines some of the most significant cultural, literary, and intellectual movements of the 1830s through the 1860s, a period known as the "American Renaissance" and now referred to as the antebellum era. These decades saw many changes in American culture: debates over slavery, religious and ethical life, western expansion, women's sphere; immigration; and dramatic changes in publishing, readership, and authorship. We will focus on the development of a distinctly "American" literature through texts that explore questions of identity, the natural world, solitude, slavery, and racism, as well as the road toward the Civil War. Requirements: forum posts; presentations, research paper.