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PKE 145

Resources to help find your way.

Citation Searching

This section will help you search for full-text articles by using the citation of another resource.


You are having a difficult time gathering a lot of scholarly articles on your topic. You did, however, find one really great source (Scholarly Article A) and you are hoping to find another article (Article B) through its citations.

Article A Information

Article Title: Neurobehavioural signatures in race car driving: a case study.

Article link: Neurobehavioural signatures in race car driving: a case study.

  • Look through the citation list at the bottom of Article A's citations.
  • For this example, we selected citation #33: Land, M. F. & Lee, D. N. Where we look when we steer. Nature369, 742–744. (1994).

Article B Information

Article Title: Where we look when we steer.

Article Authors: Land MF, Lee DN

Journal published: Nature

Year published: 1994

Month Published: June (Found by clicking on the DOI link)

Pages: 742-744

  • Break down any citation into sections to make it easier for you to search for the article.
  • Take note of all the identifying information which will make searching for the article easier.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Databases and E-journals
  3. Click on the "FInd E-journals" tab.
  4. Type in the name of the journal: Nature
  5. Click on the Journal Title
  6. Search for the Month and Year of publication: June 1994
  7. Search for the article: "Where we look when we steer"
  • If we have copyright access to the article then you can just click on the PDF icon to download.
  • If we do not have copyright access, there should be a "Request this Item through Tipasa/ILL" link. Clicking this link will submit an Inter-Library Loan request to get access 
  • Tipasa/ILL can take anywhere from 24-48 hours to complete. Once completed, you will receive a link to a downloadable PDF.