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Racial Disparity and Public Policy: Housing Resources

Racial Disparity pertaining to Housing

“Housing is a human right. There can be no fairness or justice in a society in which some live in homelessness, or in the shadow of that risk, while others cannot even imagine it.”- Jordan Flaherty, Floodlines: Community and Resistance from Katrina to the Jena Six


Affordable Housing Needs

Recommended Reading

Loan and Financial Resources

The housing and economic experiences of immigrants in US and Canadian cities

The Housing and Economic Experiences of Immigrants in U.S. and Canadian Cities is a collection of essays examining how recent immigrants have fared in getting access to jobs and housing in urban centres across the continent.

Developing affordable and accessible community-based housing for vulnerable adults : proceedings of a workshop

"Accessible and affordable housing can enable community living, maximize independence, and promote health for vulnerable populations. However, the United States faces a shortage of affordable and accessible housing for low-income older adults and individuals living with disabilities. This shortage is expected to grow over the coming years given the population shifts leading to greater numbers of older adults and of individuals living with disabilities. Housing is a social determinant of health and has direct effects on health outcomes, but this relationship has not been thoroughly investigated. In December 2016, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine convened a public workshop to better understand the importance of affordable and accessible housing for older adults and people with disabilities, the barriers to providing this housing, the design principles for making housing accessible for these individuals, and the features of programs and policies that successfully provide affordable and accessible housing that supports community living for older adults and people with disabilities. This publication summarizes the presentations and discussions from the workshop"--Publisher's description.

Shared prosperity in America's communities

Shared Prosperity in America's Communities examines the degree to which place matters in the geography of economic opportunity; offers strategies to address the challenges of place-based inequality; and shows how communities across the nation are implementing change and building a future of shared prosperity.

Healthy & safe homes : research, practice, & policy

Healthy and Safe Homes: Research, Practice, and Policy provides practical tools and information to make the connection between health and housing conditions relatable to everyone. This book brings together perspectives of noted scientists, public health experts, housing advocates, and policy leaders to fully explain the problem of substandard housing that plagues our nation and offers holistic, strategic, and long-term solutions to fix it.