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Genesis Lab Goes Virtual: Home

Resources to practice making without ever leaving your home.

Welcome to Pepperdine's virtual makerspace

glass wall looking into makerspace

The physical doors of the Genesis Lab may be closed, but we are still here to help the Pepperdine community work together, learn together, and create together.  Making comes in many forms and from different inspirations. Digital making tools can enhance a final project or a how-to on sewing, gardening, or cooking can help break the monotony of time spent away from campus. Projects can also serve as a social touchstone by using tools like zoom and google drive to work collaboratively.

Anna, Landon, and the Genesis Lab staff may no longer be in Payson but we are still happy to answer questions, provide support, or brainstorm ideas. Do not hesitate to contact us by emailing


The makerspace community has responded quickly to the need for PPE both in medical institutions and the greater community. Below are a number resources to help you get started creating sewn face masks for yourself, your family, or for donation. 

If you are interested in being part of a broader Pepperdine effort to create and donate masks, please fill out this interest form

  • Before you start making masks, check out these tips on safely producing PPE.
  • Million Mask challenge is a global sew-a-thon to make a million masks (or more!) They have approved patterns, online support groups, and will match each mask maker with a facility in need. Learn more here. 
  • Here is a list of projects around the country producing homemade masks.
  • If you want to find facilities in your area that have asked for mask donations, start with this google doc and this site to find locations, details on how to drop off donations, and approved patterns. 

Check back soon

This guide will update frequently with new making tools. Please check back with us soon.