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Business Industry Guide: Industrial Testing and Training (as of Summer 2020): Industry and Market Research

Need to research the industry and market related to industrial testing and training? Use the resources in this guide!

Understanding the Industry and the Landscape of the Target Market

The resources highlighted below are the top picks for industry and market research anticipated for this particular E2B case and are not intended to represent all business databases that provide industry and market reports. For additional resources, please refer to the Graziadio Marketing Classes Library Research Guide.

IBIS World

IBIS World will assist you in better understanding the industry this company is in along with the markets it supplies and is helpful with the following aspects of your research:

  • Situation/Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis (detailed market share)
  • Foreign Entry Potential
  • Distribution

Example: I am looking to understand the market for laboratory testing services.

  • Type 54138 into the search box and click search
    • 54138 -- Laboratory Testing Services in the US
  • Other related reports include:
    • OD5540 -- Nondestructive Testing Services in the US
    • 54133 -- Engineering Services in the US

Screenshot capture of Laboratory Testing Services in the US IBISWorld report


Example: I need industry reports on laboratory testing.

  1. Click the link for Screening & Analysis>Research>Advanced Research
  2. Select date range
  3. Type testing laboratories into the search box
  4. Click Search
  5. Click the link for a report that interests you. In the new window that displays, click the box for Select All Reports and click View
  6. When finished, click the Door Exit icon to end your session

A one-minute video available here shows industry searching using ThomsonONE.