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Business Industry Guide: Consumer Cooking Classes (as of Spring 2020)

Doing business research on the market for consumer cooking classes? Use the resources in this guide!

Understanding the Market and Consumer - Related Reports

Mintel will assist you with the following aspects of your research:

  • Consumer Segmentation & Targeting
  • Demographics & Psychographics
  • Distribution
  • Pricing

Tip: Mintel contains in-depth reports on many different consumer markets. The 2018 Cooking Enthusiasts - US report will contain relevant content towards understanding the consumer market. Below are listed all relevant reports.

To locate the below reports, type in the name of the report (e.g., "better for you food and drink trends") 

  • Cooking Enthusiasts - US - October 2018
  • Loyalty Programs - US - July 2019
  • Cookware - US - June 2019 contains relevant sections (e.g., ​​Cooking and Baking Frequency reveals attitudes towards cooking/baking at home and taking classes; see also Cooking and Baking Attitudes and Behaviors)
  • Free-From Food Trends - US - June 2019
  • Healthy Dining Trends - US - March 2020
  • Better for You Food and Drink Trends - US September 2017
  • Healthy Lifestyles - US November 2018


Tip: IBIS World contains an industry report that provides analysis of an identified group with which this company may want to do business. Type "corporate wellness" in the keyword search box on the home page to review Corporate Wellness Services in the US 2019.

Rounding Out Your Research - Locating Recent News from Industry Publications

Specialized publications - known as industry or trade publications - help those inside an industry to understand the most recent trends and news impacting sales, growth, and strategy. When you search in the databases below, you will obtain articles from a wide variety of publications for people in the cooking/food industry.  

Tip: suggested terms, phrases, and search strings to try

  • "social cooking" or "cooking classes" or "cooking workshops" or "food preparation"
  • (education or classes or lessons or workshops) AND (cooking or culinary) 
  • "sustainable food" or cuisine