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Business Industry Guide: Aviation and Flight Simulation (as of Spring 2020): Market and Consumer Research

Researching flight simulation or aviation industry? Use the resources in this guide!

Related Industry Reports

Tip: Mergent Online has a regional Asia Pacific industry report for aviation. Click on Industry Analysis, Search by Industry Aviation and filter results to Asia/Pacific.


Tip: Begin by clicking Screening & Analysis>  Research > Research Search

Tip: This is the Advanced Research Page.  Search for geographic region China and aviation or flight in the title. Be sure to change the date range to the past 5 years.

Tip: IBIS World has a report that focuses on flight schools (enter aviation in the keyword search). Though this IBIS World report is US centered, the report lists some international associations that you may want to go off and use to search for data. 

Rounding Out Your Research - Locating Recent News from Industry Publications

Trade publications and international news sources may be helpful in rounding out your research. Specialized publications - known as industry or trade publications - help those inside an industry to understand the most recent trends and news impacting sales, growth, and strategy.

Listed below are the two library databases for searching trade publications and international news content.

Industry associations websites are available in this industry. The IBIS World report that is referenced above calls attention to several international associations for the aviation industry. They sometimes will provide reports, articles, statistics, and industry data and can be helpful in rounding out your research.