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THEA 100 Theatre Rendering Techniques (Babinskaya)

Information for theater rendering

HIST. of Fashion (Secondary Survey Info. & Primary Docs.)

Who are the fashion leaders?   
What are different classes/occupations and ages wearing? A young student, an old servant, middle-aged governess, old Aristocrat ...
  • Time Period (range late 1890-1910; you stop at 1903 but fashion overviews cover ten-year periods ex:1900-1910)
  • Designers - Jeanne Paquin... House of ...
  • Styles - Victorian, Edwardian, la belle Époque, Gibson Girl Era... S-curve silhouette ...
  • Catalogs, Portraits, Paintings, Advertisements 
  • Regions - London (men) Paris and Vienna (women)? & Russia 

Finding Books. Library of Congress Classification System:

T -Technology
TT-Handicrafts. Arts and crafts

TT490-695 Clothing manufacture. Dressmaking. Tailoring

GT- manors and customs 

GT500-2370 Costume. Dress. Fashion

N-Fine Arts
ND- Paintings

Books & Primary Sources

  • Magazines & Catalogs
  • Books
  • Archives Databases
  • Museum Online Exhibits 

Vetting Online Sources

Encyclopedias and Databases 

Art History (Primary Sources)

Artists painting people alive at the turn of the century and representing the world they see. 

  • Ilya Repin 
  • Vasiliy Surikov
  • Valentin Surikov
  • Valentin Sera 
  • Boris Kustodiyen