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SW 300: Social Welfare Policy Analysis

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Your research needs and assignment requirements will dictate the types of sources you will use to successfully complete your work. These may include scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, news sources, government documents, or data. In the following sections you can find a variety of sources separated by type which may be of use to you in your work.

If you would like to talk more about which sources would be best for you or would like assistance locating specific information, please reach out at any time! No question is too small.

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This site is also a living document and if you feel certain information should be on here please let me know.

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Scholarly Articles

These databases are starting points for your research into different questions you will have in class and present academic perspectives on various social issues. While attempting to answer your research questions, you may need to use other databases/articles. Please reach out for any assistance you may want.

Policy Related Resources

These sources are great places to start looking into your interests from a non-academic perspective. Below you can find information regarding government information and reports covering aspects of various pressing social issues.

Data & Statistics

Below are a series of data, statistics, and dataset sources organized by area of focus. Each section and subsection is organized alphabetically. If you need other data sources other than what is listed here please let me know!


Aging & Elderly:

Children & Families:

Crime & Violence:

Economy, Poverty & Public Assistance:




Housing & Homelessness:

Need Books or Articles We Do Not Own?

If you find any articles, books, or book chapters you would like to read but cannot access through the Pepperdine Libraries you can make a request for our staff to ask other libraries to send it to us. To request something, either locate it in the library catalog, open the individual library record, and click the request button. This will fill out the request form and all you need to do is update your information. You can also fill out the form manually following this link:

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