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PSYC 450: Health Psychology

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Required Material

Health Psychology Journals

This list of journals have been selected for their impact within the field and relevance to your class materials and can help supplement your understanding. Note that if you would like to read an article we do not have access too, use the ILL services detailed below.

Scholarly Articles

Data & Statistics

These sources have been selected based around the subject matter of the class and are by no means exhaustive to what is available to you as a Pepperdine student. If you would like assistance locating relevant data sources for any of your classwork please reach out to me.

Need Books or Articles We Do Not Own?

If you find any articles, books, or book chapters you would like to read but cannot access through the Pepperdine Libraries you can make a request for our staff to ask other libraries to send it to us. To request something, either locate it in the library catalog, open the individual library record, and click the request button. This will fill out the request form and all you need to do is update your information. You can also fill out the form manually following this link:

You can learn more about interlibrary loan through this guide here: