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ENG 380.09 Jewish American Literature and Culture: Home

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Question: Why would you use Google Scholar?

Answer: Google Scholar identifies scholarly research materials from a broad range of subject areas.

Google Scholar offers a "cited by" feature - it will display a list of documents which cited the document you originally retrieved. This can be useful in determing how influential a source has been.  The list only includes documents available in Google Scholar, though.

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Course Description

What is the history of the Jewish people in America, and how did they express their experience through letters, poems, plays, stories, humor, and songs?  This course will address these questions by studying the writings of the Jewish people in America, from their arrival in 1654 to the present. We will examine how Jewish identity and ethnicity shape literature and culture. Issues to be addressed include exile and displacement, American identity and immigration, ethical responsibility and suffering, humor and language, and trauma and memory.  Using the collection Jewish American Literature: A Norton Anthology, we will read a variety of authors, including Emma Lazarus, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Tillie Olsen, Anzia Yezierska, Saul Bellow, Philip Roth, Cynthia Ozick, Allen Ginsberg, and Art Spiegelman. 


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