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FYS- GSSO 199.02: Interpersonal Relationships and Communication (Scott-Lowe): Some Basics

This research guide will point you toward print/online research resources and strategies available to you for your research assignment.


Pepperdine scholars, like you, have access to amazing tools and recourses.


This research guide will point you toward online resources and provide research strategies.  

Use this guide throughout the research process.


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Evaluating Resources

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Popular v. Scholarly Periodicals

Scholarly v. Popular

A scholarly publication is one in which the content is written by experts in a particular field of study - generally for the purpose of sharing original research or analyzing others' findings. Scholarly work will thoroughly cite all source materials used and is usually subject to "peer review" prior to publication.


POP aim to inform a wide array of readers about issues of interest and are much more informal in tone and scope. Examples include general news, business and entertainment publications such as Time Magazine, Business Weekly, Vanity Fair.

Note, special interest publications which are not specifically written for an academic audience are also considered "popular" i.e., National Geographic, Scientific American, Psychology Today.

A Popular and Scholarly take on the same subject... 

Look at the attached articles from Peace and Conflict Studies  and National Geographic about Ivory funding terror. how are similar, how are they different? 

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