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International Programs Student Worker Guide: Home


WELCOME International Programs Library Student Worker! We are so glad to have you helping us abroad!

  • Remember that you will be working for the library five hours per week, approximately one hour per day. Do not work all five hours in one day. You may work with your program director to establish the most beneficial work schedule for the students at your location.
  • Your on-site supervisor will be the program director at your international campus. However, you will also receive direction and supervision from us here at Payson Library.
  • Please remember to submit your weekly Action and Objectives form.

How to use this InfoGuide

This guide has links to systems you need to access {Google forms and SIRSA (stats)}. It also has a job description, a getting started checklist, contact information, and how to/definition information.

For example:

  • Homepage: has a job description, contact information, "how to" search website and catalog Screenshots, student worker profiles, contact information, and Getting Started Check List you should check off first thing when you arrive. 
  • If you need to refresher on the Library Congress so you can shelve books in the corrector order that information is on the Shelving page.
  • Research Page: has the types of research questions you might be asked.
  • Peer Writing Consultant: Has procedures for helping students edit their paper.
  • Semester-Long Projects: list the projects you're supposed to do and ideas for the wild card project. 
  • Actions & Objectives:  Is the form you have to submit once a week

Systemes Access


Use the links the below to access websites you need access too. 

You should have access to a Google Doc; I The file has documents you'll need access to and you'll upload information I need to the file. 

Getting Started Checklist

Getting Started Checklist:

  • Meet your in-country supervisor 
  • Choose your schedule and email it to me 
  • Get the detailed program schedule and email it to me 
  • Introduce yourself (and explain what you do) to your fellow students
  • Submit via the Action and Objects form either an account of how you introduced yourself to the students or your plan for introducing yourself. Tell me how your meeting with your in-country supervisor went 
  • See if any books were ordered during the summer that need labels and shelved 
  • Confirm you access to your Google Doc ...

Your Role

Your Role 

  • Eyes & Ears/Soldiers on the Ground 
  • Help librarians in Malibu understand what is happening where you are & how we can help– you will know assignments, campus informational needs
  • Responding to email is important because that’s our main mode of communication
  • Know your student's needs & know library resources that meet those needs (writing assistance, research help, InfoGuides, electron materials, librarians...). 

Job Logistics:  

  • You work 5 hours a week 
  • Set your schedule (tell what it is and when circumstances cause your schedule change)
  • Submit Actions & Objectives weekly 
  • Log-Hours in Kronos to get paid, your in-country supervisor will approve your timecard.
  • If you edit a paper fill-out a Peer Writing Consultant Meeting Log
  • Manage the physical collection 

Your Fellow IP Student Workers

Faith - Buenos Aires

Jordyn - Florence

Catherine - Heidelberg

Kaytlynn - Lausanne

Jenna - London

Jason - Shanghai

Searching The Catalog To Find Books

Locate books in the library using the Catalog Search bar (a.k.a giant search box on the library's homepage). Search by title, author, keyword, subject, or a combination of these areas.

The catalog does not accommodate Boolean searching (such as AND, OR, NOT), but you can use a + sign to separate the parts for a command line search or use the advanced search screen to combine terms.

Location: After you start a search you can use filters to further refine your results. To find physical books at your program select the appropriate location filter; hit search again to get the current results.

eBook: To find eBooks DON'T limit your search to a location just us the eBook filter. 

Searches can be further narrowed by using filters such as author, year, language, content, and topics.

IP Directors

Buenos Aires

Director:  Travis Hill-Weber 

 Interim (18/19) Tati Guerrini <>


Director: Elizabeth Whatley <>

Program Assistant: Alessio Basta <>


Director: Daniel Daugherty <>

Academic Coordinator: Christina Wuttke <>

Euro Coordinator: Martina Drefs <>


Director: Ezra Plank

Assistant Director: Mark Barneche

Lausanne's Associate Director manages all student worker positions. This includes hiring, basic supervision, performance evaluations, and payment. (aka  hiring and payroll support)

Program Assistant: Karine LC Grivet

 Academic Program Coordinator, Karine directly supervises the library worker. you will work directly under Karine's supervision who will assess the needs of the library and to ensure you are complying my objectives. 


Director: Heather Pardee

Assistant Director: Jennifer Ryan


Director: Charlie Engelmann