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ENG 380 Literature of the British Empire (Topics in British Literature: Post-1800): Home

Resources for your study of the literature of the British Empire


A map of the world in 1886: areas under British control are highlighted in red.
A map of the world in 1886: areas under British control are highlighted in red, created July 24, 1886 by Walter Crane.

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Course Description

This course will consider both literal and metaphorical acts of exploration. It focuses on a range of writers and adventurers in the period in which the British Empire first reached its climax and then began its decline. These authors pushed beyond the imperious claims of the rational mind into unknown territories and extreme situations, reaching beyond accepted boundaries in order to embrace and interrogate the psychological and creative world within. Often living in real or quasi-exile, they journeyed from the familiar into the wild and strange, challenging the certainties of their readers with reports brought back from the far edges of human experience.