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SW 300: Social Welfare Policy Analysis (Scott-Lowe): Welcome

This research guide will point you toward print/online research resources and strategies available to you for your Research Paper Assignment in SW 300

Jaimie Beth Colvin

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Jaimie Beth Colvin
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Research Part of the Assignment


I.   Introduction of the social problem

II.  Law/policy/program

     a.  history

          1. one original debate issue 

          2.  a precipitating event

          3.  social/cultural context of the time

     b.  goal/target population

     c.  funding

III. Analysis

    a.  assumptions made about the program and clientele

    b.  intended results

    c.  actual results

    d.  social workers involvement

    e.  evaluation of the results

IV. Future

     a.  What changes are being made and why?

     b.  What is staying the same?

V.  Personal Reaction

      a.  Why did the results happen as they did?

      b.  What changes would you make and why?

      c.  What role did spirituality or religion play in this?  Why or why not? (You may need to look at the spiritual 

           issues of the target population or the spiritual issues of the social worker working with this policy and


VI.  Conclusion