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Pepperdine Libraries Fall 2017 Reserves: Payson Reserves

List of all reserves provided by Pepperdine Libraries.

Payson Reserves



  • Print Reserves can be found at the Payson Library Barbera Information Gateway Circulation Desk on the first floor
  • Digital Reserves are accessible through the class's Courses(Sakai) page, also linked respectively on this page
  • For billing and replacement questions please contact Cathie Schuman
  • For other inquiries please contact either Sally Bryant or Andrew Main

Reserves List

Permanent Reserves Here

Birmingham, Carrie

Bowman, Joshua

Brewster, Jay

Cox, Ron

Cumming, Nicholas

Davis, Courtney

Ditmore, Michael

Fetzer, Joel

Freeman, Philip

Galles, Gary


Permanent Reserves Here

Graf, Beverly

Hamilton, Eric

Hancock, Don

James, Carolyn

Link, Brian

Marshall, April

Martinez, Thomas

Peeples, Joseph



Shapiro, Anne

Simonowitz, David

Skelton, David

Starr, Hollace

Thompson, Donald

Physical Reserves Point of Contact

Catherine Schuman's picture
Catherine Schuman

Digital Reserves Point of Contact

Andrew  Main's picture
Andrew Main