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Pepperdine Libraries Summer 2018 Reserves: Home

List of all reserves provided by Pepperdine Libraries.

Pepperdine Libraries' Reserves


    Pepperdine Libraries provides Reserves services for both Physical and Digital Reserves.  These services are provided to faculty upon request for the non-commercial, educational use of their students. 

    Pepperdine Libraries provides these services within copyright compliance as stated in the U.S. Copyright Act, Section 107, and the Pepperdine University Policy on Copying for Classroom and Research Purposes.

    Pepperdine Libraries facilitates both Physical and Digital Reserves.  Physical Reserves are hard copy materials such as books, videos, DVDs or other items that are to be physically accessed.  Digital Reserves, also known as E-Reserves, are electronic resources such as PDF selections from monographs and articles, articles and websites.  Digital Reserves are managed utilizing a web-based service called SIPX, which provides copy-right compliant document management and delivery. 

    Physical Reserves are accessible at the primary service point of their location, generally a Circulation or Front Desk.  Digital Reserves are generally accessed through a class’s Courses (Sakai) page, but may be directly accessed with prior arrangement.  Physical Reserves are accessible during their respective location’s service hours and, unless otherwise specified by the instructor, are only for use within a library location.  Digital Reserves are accessible 24/7 through Courses or SIPX directly and are provided at no cost to students.  Please note that accessing Digital Reserves through SIPX directly requires students to create separate unique log on credentials, while accessing them through Courses requires only the normal CAS log in use to access Courses. 

    For more information please contact the Reserves point of contact for your location, listed on your location's Reserves Listing, or call the Pepperdine Libraries at 310-506-7273 for immediate assistance.