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Open v. Closed Peer Review

From Hames, Irene. 2007. Peer review and manuscript management in scientific journals: guidelines for good practice. Malden, MA: Blackwell Pub.

Closed Peer Review:  "This is the traditional system, and still the one used  by the majority of journals.  In closed peer review, there is anonymity involved. If the authors do not know who the reviewers are but the reviewers know who the authors are, this is termed "single-blinding."  In "double-blinding", the identities of the authors are kept from the reviewers as well as the reviewers' identities being kept from the authors, so the authors and reviewers are unaware of each other's identity.  The reviewers also do not know who the other reviewers are."

Open Peer Review: "In open peer review, the authors know the identity of the reviewers."

Nutrition Journal is an example of a scholarly journal that employs an open peer review model.

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