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Pepperdine Libraries Usage Statistics : Pepperdine Libraries Statistics

Learn more about how the Libraries are used.

2014-2015 Pepperdine University Libraries Usage Data Points  

Use of our Services    
  Support for research  
  All Items Borrowed from Other Institutions           8,314
  All Items Loaned to Other Institutions           2,077
  Number of Items Digitized           4,823
  Number of engagements with faculty              515
  Number of People Served in Special Collections & University Archives              710
  Support for teaching  
  Number of Courses Using Print Reserves              135
  Information Literacy - number of research questions answered           2,311
  Information literacy - number of sessions taught              269
  Information literacy - number of students           4,663
  Number of Infoguides Created by Librarians              485
  Infoguide Usage        121,148
Use of our Collections    
  Availability of Collections  
  Print books       365,165
  E-books       554,776
  Journals—print and electronic         53,813
  Subscription Databases               148
  Digitized Primary Source Items         44,105
  Digital Scholarship Institutional Repository Holdings         12,607
  Number of Processed Archival Collections             130
  Print loans         50,926
  E-books accessed       237,241
  E-journal article downloads       537,925
  Digitzed Primary Source Materials Viewed         49,105
  Digital Scholarship Institutional Repository Downloads       404,987
  Special Collections & University Archives Objects Used             803

Number of Active Borrowers 


Use of our Space    
  Visits to Payson Library       434,195
  Visits to Special Collections             273
  Number of Payson Study Room Reservations         13,889
  Hours of Study Provided by Payson Study Room Reservations         24,519
  Number of General Help Questions Provided (Directional, Ready Ref)           6,637


  Number of seats (Payson, Drescher, Encino, Irvine, West LA)             919
  Hours open per week during semester (Payson, Drescher, Encino, Irvine, West LA)          400.5
  University Libraries Sponsored Events               55
      Technical Skill Training Offered to Pepperdine Community                 17
       Campus Community Events               26
       Student Engagement Activities                6
       Special Collections & Archives Events                6