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International Negotiation

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You will be examining library research engines and general best practices in social science and policy-oriented research for your paper. I believe this will also prove quite helpful in research for your other classes as well. As a reminder, you have signed up for one of two topics:

1. Should countries impose barriers to hinder the import of cultural products or subsidies to promote the production and substitution?

2. Should the United States support a United Nations resolution condemning the People’s Republic of China as a violator of human rights?

The presentation should be about 90 minutes in length.

INTS 514/Com 514

INTS 514. International Communication and Negotiation (4)
Focuses on international media and related organizations, communication between representatives of nations and international agencies, and the negotiation processes involved. (INTS 514 is equivalent to COM 514.) (PS, RM, WI)

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