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Infographics Workshop: Infographic Creator Comparison Chart

Creator Comparison Chart

Piktochart Infoactive Canva Venngage Gliffy
In 5 Words... Drag-and-drop infographic creator Excellent for data-heavy infographics Drag-and-drop for qualitative infographics Chart-based infographic creator Drag-and-drop graphic design (not just infographics) Drag-and-drop, business-oriented Like Vizio, but free/cheap
Design Choices Graphics, 4000+ Icons, Images (including upload your own), Background Color/Texture, Text, Charts, Video, Maps, Moods Charts (>30 types), Maps, Pictures, Videos, Text, Timer Themes, Icons, Backgrounds, Shapes, Text, Uploaded Images Data, charts, text, filters Images (free and $), Layouts, Text, Backgrounds, Uploaded Images Pictogram, Chart, Shape, Text, Image, Background Shapes, UML Diagram Components, Systems Analysis Diagram Components
Freemium Cost $39.99/yr for educators; $29/month or $290/year for others (removes watermark, additional design choices) $18/month (password-protect infographics; private sharing; PDF and PNG exports) None, currently in beta $30/month, but education discount also available None, you pay for premium stock photos Cost for premium templates; $19/month for premium access (export to PDF or PNG; premium charts and icons; premium themes) 15-day free trial; $3.99/month for academic groups of > 5; otherwise, $3.99/month
Themes 180, including 9 free and a blank theme 6 themes 16, but can also edit other people's work 2 Too many to count 60+, constantly adding more N/A
Export Files JPEG, PNG, PDF (pro only) Only in Pro JPEG, PDF PNG PDF or PNG PDF or PNG (premium only) JPEG, PNG, SVG
Embeddable? Yes Yes, with Responsive Design Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Import Data Excel and Google Spreadsheets XLS, CSV, or live data (e.g., Google Spreadsheets) No CSV or Google Spreadsheets No No Google Spreadsheets or Fusion
Keyboard Controls? Yes N/A Yes No Yes No Yes
Etc. Graphics are search engine-readable Serious social media integrations Integrates with

Thanks to to Dani Brecher (Librarian at Claremont Colleges Library) for allowing us to use her Infographics Comparison Chart