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Digital Learning Lab: Setting Up

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Step 1

If the instructor computer is not on, press the power button at the top right corner of the keyboard. If it is on, proceed to Step 2.

Turn on the Mac Laptop

Step 2

If XPanel doesn’t open, single click the Xpanel icon in the dock. (Do not double click.) If XPanel gives errors, close it, wait a few seconds, and then try again.

XPanel icon

Step 3

Click Wireless Presentation to All.

Wireless to all button

Step 4

Minimize XPanel by clicking the yellow button in the top left corner.

Minimize XPanel

Step 5

Click the AirMedia icon (the blue swirl in the dock).

Open Air Media

Step 6

Wait about 5 seconds for the program to boot. If an error message displays, click "OK."

Air Media Error

Step 8

Click anywhere on the desktop outside the AirMedia menu to make the dropdown menu disappear.

click outside the box

Step 7

In the AirMedia menu, replace with but do NOT click Connect yet.

Enter IP Address

Step 9

Locate the 4-digit code displayed in the top right corner of the television screens.


Step 10

Click on the AirMedia Login box to make it active. Enter the 4-digit code in the Login Code box indicated below. Click Connect.

Enter Code

Step 11

The laptop will now display on all screens in the room. You may now proceed with your lesson plan! For a detailed walkthrough of managing screens, please see the walkthrough in the "Managing Screens" tab of this guide.