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CSE Style Guide - Scientific Style and Format: Home

Where can I find the CSE Manual?

Click on this link to find this book in Payson Library:

Scientific Style and Format: The Cse Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers. (7th edition)

What is the CSE Style Guide?

The 7th edition of the CSE Manual  is designed to cover "a wide variety of disciplines in experimental and observational science, with emphasis on the physical and life sciences."

The CSE Manual provides the writer guidance for both scientific nomenclature and references.

Chapter 29 of the CSE Manual covers References.

Contents of the CSE Manual

Chapters of the CSE Manual
  1. Elements of a scientific publication 
  2. Publication policies and practices
  3. The basics of copyright
  4. Alphabets, symbols, and signs
  5. Punctuation and related marks
  6. Spelling, word formation and division, plurals, and possessions
  7. Prose style and word choice 
  8. Names and personal designations
  9. Capitalization 
  10. Type styles, excerpts, quotations, and ellipses
  11. Abbreviations
  12. Numbers, units, mathematical expressions, and statistics
  13. Time and dates
  14. Geographic designations 
  15. The electromagnetic spectrum
  16. Subatomic particles, chemical elements, and related notations
  17. Chemical formulas and names
  18. Chemical kinetics and thermodynamics
  19. Analytical methods
  20. Drugs and pharmacokinetics
  21. Genes, chromosomes, and related molecules 
  22. Taxonomy and nomenclature
  23. Structure and function
  24. Disease names
  25. The earth
  26. Astronomical objects and time systems
  27. Journal style and format
  28. Books, technical reports, conference proceedings, and other monographs
  29. References
  30. Accessories to text : tables, figures, and indexes
  31. Typography and manuscript preparation
  32. Proof correction

Subject Guide

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