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Jaimie Beth Colvin
Payson rm. 231
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Plan of the day

Plan of the Day

Please read thoroughly daily.





Hours & Breaks

Maximum Hours: 

  • 8 hours max a day (shifts that cross midnight are considered one shift not two separate shifts so students must take breaks accordingly)
  • 20 hours max a week ( weeks are Sunday midnight – Sunday midnight)


  • 4 hour shift =15min paid coffee break  
  • 5 hour shift = Student is allowed but don’t have to take a 30min unpaid meal break
  • 6 or more hour shift = Student MUST take a 30min unpaid meal break during the 5th hour (see example below)

Time Worked


8am to 9am

1st hour

9am to 10am

2nd hour

10am to 11am

3rd hour

11am to 12pm

4th hour

12pm to 1pm

5th hour (first meal break must begin before the employee works five hours, or before 1pm – i.e., by no later than 12:59pm)

 I want you to start your break no later than 30min into the 5th hour.

So, using the example above, you must begin your break by 12:30pm at the latest (you can take it earlier).

Head of Access Services

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Sally Bryant
Payson Library Room 233, 24255 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90263
(310) 506-4262

Subject Guide

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Catherine Schuman

How to Log A 30min Unpaid Break in KRONOS