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 Research Paper

The goal of this assignment is to compare and contrast a developmental task from the United States and German perspectives.  An observation or interview will be required as well as reading about this “task” in the professional literature.  You need to interview your language partner, as well as read articles/books for the paper.  All topics must be approved by me ahead of time. Use the APA style for references.  Payson’s web page has a link for APA style. Please use headings in the paper. There is to be NO cover page.  SINGLE SPACE. Put your CWID# on the bottom of the last page and no name.  Read your paper and be sure your name is not mentioned in the body of the paper.  There are resources for you under Courses/Resources including a sample paper.  You can contact our librarian, Jamie Beth Colvin <> for help with professional literature.  You need 4 journal articles minimum.

Intro  1 paragraph                                              5 points

Lit Review 4 paragraphs                                  15

Interview and observation 3-4 paragraphs       15

Application   3-4 paragraphs                             15

Conclusion  1-2 paragraphs                                5   

Citations (APA style)                                         10

Other--grammar, 4 articles, etc                         10

                                                                          85 points total

Need Help with...

....crafting a research plan (outlining your paper) 

....finding information on your topic 

....knowing where to look for scholarly information 


Email your paper topic and your questions 

Scholarly Articles

Example of Keyword Searching


Jaimie Beth Colvin's picture
Jaimie Beth Colvin
Payson rm. 231
(310) 506-7432

Search Terms

emerging adult* AND Germany 

The star, or asterisk, is used to simultaneously search word ending variations.


adultsearches for Adulthood and Adult