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What is ORCID?

ORCID is a unique identification system that assigns 16 digits to a researcher.

Here are some advantages in registering for a free ORCID account:

  • ORCID gives you a unique identify that help distinguish you from the other Smith's, Chen's or Gonzalez's
  • If you are married and change your name, this unique ORCID identifier will still identify you
  • Altmetrics resources are using ORCID to collect information
  • ORCID numbers are becoming integrated with social media platforms such as LinkedIn
  • Funding sources such as the NIH are using ORCID
  • Databases such as Scopus can be searched with ORCID
  • Many journals and publishers are using ORCID

When registering an ORCID account, you decide what information will be publicly available.