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What are altmetrics?

Traditional bibliometrics measures how often articles or journals are cited in scholarly literature.  

But altmetrics is a much broader measure of the influence of a scholar's work.


Altmetrics will measure how often a work is mentioned or viewed in places such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Views on websites (publisher websites, commercial article databases and institutional repositories)
  • Blogs
  • Scholarly peer networks like ResearchGate
  • Saved in scholarly sharing tools such as Mendeley
  • Reader reviews on Amazon or Goodreads
  • Book Holdings in WorldCat

Here are some resources for altmetrics on your articles.

  • Scopus​
  • Altmetric it! bookmarklet
  • Publisher websites. Publishers such as Taylor & Francis and Emerald provide statistics on how often articles are downloaded)
  • Mendeley

Altmetrics Polls

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Publisher Websites

Publisher websites sometimes list metrics such as the number of times an article has been viewed:

Harvesting Resources

You can add the Altmetric it! bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar to obtain altmetric data on articles.

This resource will only work on pages with a DOI for an article.

This resource will *NOT* work within the EBSCO databases, but there is an easy solution to that limitation:

  • Retrieve the article that you located in Google Scholar or the publisher's website.
  • Click the link for Altmetric it! in your browser's toolbar

Reference Managers

Resources for evaluating Books

Here are some examples of metrics for locating information for books:

WorldCat Holdings in Libraries

Reviews on Goodreads or Amazon

Open Syllabus Project: You can search over one million syllabi to see if your book is mentioned.

SelectedWorks/Institutional Repositories

Scholarly Social Networking Sites