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Undergrad Journal Selection Tips

This link for the Council on Undergraduate Research takes you to a list of journals publishing undergraduate student’s work. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when considering a journal from this list:

  • Does the journal accept submission from students who don’t attend the school? Some university journals only accept work from their undergraduate students.  

  • Is the Journal still active? Check to see when the last issue was published. If it was two years ago the journal probably isn’t active, mostly the gung-ho editor graduated and no one is running journal.

  • Do they Publish Articles on your Topic?  Some journals focus on a subject area such as political science and so they wouldn’t accept and art history or economics article.  


Submission Etiquette: Don’t submit your work to more than one journal at a time. You have to wait to hear back from one journal before you can submit your work to another journal.


Another option for locating suitable journals ( if you are writing an article on a social science topic) is to search Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities and limit your results to journals with high acceptance rates.

Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities

In addition to submitting articles to journals that specifically publish undergraduate journals, undergraduates might wish to target journals with a relatively high acceptance rates.