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Soc 444 Social Movements (Crubaugh): Primary Sources


"source of information from people who were participants or direct witnesses to the events in question." like a reporter...

Find the Archives Collecting Artifacts on your Topic

What is an archive?



Plural noun: archives

collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people.

Which archive has the records you need?

Sometimes a whole archive will be devoted to one issue but many times an archive will own many collections. So how do you find archive materials when you don't know where to search?

  • Google 
  • National Archives 
  • OAC is a database that keeps track of which archives have what collections in California  
  • University Archive (consider alma mater of movement leaders)  

TIP: You most likely won’t have the time or the ability to visit various archives in person so filter your search results to "digitized records" only. 

Primary Sources

Government Doc

Was your movement opposing or reacting to legislature? Were they trying to pass legislature? Try to find the government documents discuss the topic, locate statements made by politics involved on both sides of the issue...

  • Explore government or state websites 
  • Look for information on bills
  • Find congressmen who supported/opposed bills - see if you can find interviews or press statements explaing their stance. 

Finding historic article in the NYTimes