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SelectedWorks: Link to Your Article in the Pepperdine Libraries' Catalog

SelectedWorks is a librarian-curated repository of faculty profiles. Libraries work with faculty to create compelling online scholarly identities, share scholarship, and measure impact.

Start here

To add a work from the Pepperdine Libraries' catalog, log in to your SelectedWorks profile and click the Add Work menu.

Step 1

Click Add a Link.

Step 2

Open another browser tab or window, go to, and find your article in the Pepperdine Libraries' catalog. Then click Permalink and copy the URL there.

Step 3

Switch back to your SelectedWorks window and paste the URL in the Add Link box. Click Add Link in the blue box.

Step 4

Fill in the fields for the article as completely as possible.

Step 5

It's especially important to add Keywords and Disciplines to enhance the discoverability of your works and your profile for search engines and the SelectedWorks Expert Gallery.

Step 6

Your work will now appear on your SelectedWorks profile with a link to the record in the Pepperdine Libraries' catalog.