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SelectedWorks: Start a SelectedWorks Profile

SelectedWorks is a librarian-curated repository of faculty profiles. Libraries work with faculty to create compelling online scholarly identities, share scholarship, and measure impact.

SelectedWorks Guide for Authors

Download the file below for a complete walkthrough on setting up your SelectedWorks Profile. If you have any questions, or would like face-to-face assistance, please contact the library liaison in your subject area for help.

Step 1

Go to the library homepage at and hover on My Library. Then click SelectedWorks Account.

Step 2

Click the Sign Up link below the log in form.

Step 3

Fill in the form to create your account and click the Create Account button at the bottom.

Step 4

Click Login to log in to your account. Then check your email.

Step 5

Your email inbox should contain an email labeled no reply (or similar) from SelectedWorks. The body of the email will contain a green button with Confirm Account on it. Click the green button.

Step 6

On your account page you can begin by choosing a URL for your profile, selecting your discipline, and filling in your institution. Agree with the terms of service by checking the box and then click the Go button.

Step 7

Be sure to choose all the disciplines that apply to you. Doing so will help others find you in the SelectedWorks system and add descriptors to your profile for the SelectedWorks Expert Gallery. Choose your Position and Position Title.

Step 8

On your profile screen, click the camera and pencil icons to make changes. The camera icon allows you to upload a profile picture. The pencil icons allow you to edit fields within your profile.

Step 9

Add works to your profile from the Add Work dropdown menu. There are a number of options available; the most common method will likely be the Upload a File option.

Step 10

Upload a work by dragging and dropping the file into the dashed rectangle or by clicking Choose File and navigating to the file.

Step 11

Begin filling in the details about the work, starting with the type of work.

Step 12

Continue filling in the fields about the work, taking care to fill in all the required fields designated by red stars, and then click Add to Profile.

Step 13

The added work will then appear in the Works tab. To make changes or delete the work, use the pencil and trash can icons.

Step 14

Switch to the About tab to fill in your biographical information. Use the icons on the right side to make additions, edits, and deletions.

Step 15

Be sure to continue down the About tab and add your Research Interests.

Step 16

Finally, scroll to the very bottom of the About section to add your contact information.

We can help!

These instructions should provide you with the guidance to get started. If you have further questions, please contact Paul Stenis at or 310-506-6232.