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SPAD 280 .01-02: Introduction to Sport Administration (Watson): Polls


Is "Networking is a contact sport : how staying connected and serving others will help you grow your business, expand your influence or even land your next job" a scholarly or popular title?
Scholarly: 12 votes (33.33%)
Popular: 24 votes (66.67%)
Total Votes: 36
Is "Sports Fans, Identity, and Socialization : Exploring the Fandemonium" a scholarly or popular book?
Scholarly: 26 votes (74.29%)
Popular: 9 votes (25.71%)
Total Votes: 35
Is the article "Attitudes, Platitudes and the Collegiate Sports Arms Race: Unsustainable Spending and Its Consequences for Olympic and Women's Sports" an example of a primary research article?
Yes: 18 votes (52.94%)
No: 16 votes (47.06%)
Total Votes: 34
Is the article "Becoming a "Real University:" The Strategic Benefits of Adding Football for NCAA Division I Institutions" an example of primary research?
Yes: 31 votes (88.57%)
No: 4 votes (11.43%)
Total Votes: 35