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Payson Renovation Survival Guide: Home


Renovated Entrance

Entrance Indoor

Coffee Shop

First Floor

Comfortable Seating Areas

2nd Floor Study Space

2nd Floor Renovated Walkway

Reasons to Renovate

On May 6 at 6pm, Payson Library closes its doors for a 15 month renovation.  This project began with a charge from President Benton in Boundless Horizons to build a 21st century library for Pepperdine.  He notes, “Almost more than any other physical element of the academic journey ahead, we must be successful in creating the library of the future.”  After a detailed planning process, Payson is now going through a renovation process through the generosity of donors to the Campaign for Pepperdine.  In planning for the renovation, we kept several key goals in mind:

  • To increase and improve student study areas, to better support them in their work— including more study rooms, more collaborative space, and more seating in the library overall.

  • To create new spaces where faculty and students can engage, such as those currently found in the library’s Great Books Room, Digital Learning Lab, and Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).

  • To “flip” Special Collections so that it is more inviting to both students and faculty.

  • To upgrade the library’s infrastructure, including replacing aging plumbing and HVAC systems, while adding many new electrical outlets.

  • To upgrade the library’s circulation desk, offer state of the art shelving for its vast collection of books and other resources to sustain the books in their tangible and online forms.

Along with these elements, the transformed Payson will feature several additional enhancements—a coffee shop, a new Student Success Center, and a Math and Sciences Collaborative Learning space adjacent to the Academic Center for Excellence—designed to serve the comfort of our faculty and students while supporting them in their academic pursuits.

On Campus Resources and Locations


Hours of Operation

The Library Hub @ TAC


Drescher Campus Library

Monday- Friday: 8am-5pm

Saturday & Sunday: closed

The Library Hub @ Calabasas


Payson Library

Coming soon!


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